Introducing UIC’s WordPress Network

The WordPress Network is a collaboration between ACCC, Public and Government Affairs and the ITGC-InfraSecWeb committee to bring a centrally-supported website development platform and design resources to campus units. The service includes a WordPress multisite network hosted by ACCC and a UIC branded theme framework. This theme can be used on or on a department’s individual virtual server. There are no hosting costs to the department if they build on

How do I get a site?

The best place to start, is under UIC Theme and our Guidelines and Getting Started pages. You’ll find information there on how to use the theme, request a site, and start working with your site in WordPress.

The WP Basics, Advanced Content and Resources sections will help you learn how to add content and help you find images and other resources for building your site.

If you have any questions or recommendations for topics to add to this site, please contact us.