Staging server stabilized

As many of you are aware, the staging server has not been operating in an agreeable manner lately. Sites on test.publish experienced text alignment issues caused by sidebars even if sidebars weren’t present, which proved to be a major issue for content presentation.

I say were because this issue has been officially resolved. We received a fix from our vendor early this afternoon and relayed that fix from our development server to test.publish about an hour and a half ago. Many, many apologies for the inconvenience.

Also resolved

A few Events Manager accessibility issues were fixed last week. The monthly calendar views were not screen reader friendly (they were practically hostile), so I altered the Events Manager template to make us more compliant with state law than we were previously.

In a nutshell: << now has title text that says “previous month,” while >> says “next month.” These were coded into the calendar for navigation purposes, but they mean nothing to our visually-impaired visitors who use screen readers. Now they’ll know what those <a> tags do.

In addition, event dates now have title text that state the full date and the event name. Identifying the header cells in that monthly table view is proving to be problematic, so that accessibility quirk will have to wait. But for now, at least people using screen readers will know the monthly calendars contain links to event listings. These accessibility fixes were non-invasive and live in files apart from the theme, so I uploaded them to the live production server.

It’s okay. Sometimes none of this makes sense to me either.

Known major issues

  1. The search function returns results in full blog post format, even for pages. We have a ticket open with the vendor and hope to get this resolved shortly.
  2. When the blog is configured to show up on the home page, both the image slider and the default header image appear. Yeah, it’s not supposed to do that. Vendor is also working on this.
  3. No shortcode documentation. Yes, it’s coming. I’m planning to update/streamline documentation in general, so shortcodes will be a part of that. Very soon.