Old theme removal

Our office will be decommissioning non UIC-branded themes from the Publish WordPress network. If your site uses a theme other than “UIC-Network 2013,” you should have received an email notification earlier this afternoon. Please reply to that email before July 17 so we can map out the migration process for your site.

For a majority of Publish sites and site admins, there will be no noticeable change in operations. We’re just culling old themes so we can focus support on the campus theme.

New theme for the new branding?

Yes, this is in the works. The new university logo system, colors, and branding guidelines require an entirely new theme for home, which is quite a task for a multisite like this. It will be based on the upcoming redesigned UIC homepage, but I can’t speak on a timeline. Details will be posted here once we have a concrete release date. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please use our form to contact us.