Plugin update: Akismet v3.1.3

Just updated Akismet to version 3.1.3. Akismet is a plugin that filters and removes spam comments. As of yet, Publish does not have an enterprise license key, but your department can sign up for a non-commercial API key for use on your site (as little as $6 a year for the basic license).

From the v3.1.3 changelog:

  • Notify users when their account status changes after previously being successfully set up. This should help any users who are seeing blank Akismet settings screens.

Note: if you have comments disabled on your site, you won’t have to worry about comment spam and probably wouldn’t be interested in this plugin. Most Publish WordPress sites on our network have page/post comments disabled by default, but some older sites may have them turned on (I saw a site last week that collected over 100,000 spambot comments in less than two years!). For those interested, I’ll post a tutorial here on how to completely disable all comments on your site. Most likely sometime this afternoon.