Maps Marker Pro

Add maps to your site

Adding a Single Marker in Maps Marker Pro:

To create a map for your website, click the Maps Marker Pro tab on your dashboard and click “Add New Marker.”
Decide what you would like the marker on your map to be called and enter it under “Marker name.”
Fill in the address of the point where the marker will land under “Location.”

maps screenshot 1


You can adjust the size of the map by changing the width and height in pixels and using the zoom in and out features.mapsize screenshot


The default marker is blue with a white thumbtack.  You can change this by clicking “Show more icons.”  Here, you have the choice to pick a different marker or upload your own icon to use as a marker.
The “popup text” section allows you to enter customized text that appears above the marker.The gray and white layers icon in the top right corner of the map allows you to change the map’s appearance.  You can make a roadmap, a satellite view of the location or even an aerial view.

There are seven small icons above the map which give you the options to generate directions, create a Google Earth map or an expanded version of your map or make a QR code.  Hovering your mouse over these icons will explain their functions.

To insert your map, go to the page where you would like it located.  Click “Add Map” and choose which map you would like.  This will insert the shortcode into your page.  Click “publish” and you’re finished!



Adding Multiple Markers:

You have the ability to add multiple markers on a map by adding new layers.  Start by clicking “Add new layer.”  Name your layer and enter the location.
Check “Multi Layer Map” if you would like markers from other layers on this map.
Click “publish.”layer map page


Return to the “Add New Marker” page.  Go to the “Layer” dropdown menu and choose the layer that you would like to assign your marker to.

Next, follow the steps listed above to add your markers.

Always click “publish” to save your work!