Add images & videos to your site

1) Want to add an image or video gallery to your site?  Find the “Galleries” tab in the Dashboard menu and click the “Add New” button on the page.  Choose an image gallery or video gallery, enter the Gallery title and select “Add Images”.  Here you can either upload files from your computer or select the Media Library tab to choose images that have already been uploaded.  Click “Publish” for your gallery to become live.

maxgalleria screenshot 1


2) Once your images are uploaded, you can reorder the images using the blue arrows, add the title, the caption (text you would like to be displayed with your image) and if you would like, a hyperlink attached to the image in the “Images” tab.

maxgalleria screenshot 2


3) Next, choose your gallery layout in the “Template” tab.
layout image


4) The “Options” tab allows you to choose the appearance of the gallery using the Gallery Skin dropdown menu.  You can also choose how many columns of images/videos you would like, as well as the shape of the thumbnail images.

“Thumbnail Captions Enabled” allows for the caption text to be shown next to the image and the “Thumbnail Captions Position” lets you choose where the text appears.

If you included a hyperlink to open when you click the image, choose “Image Link” from the “Thumbnail Click Opens” dropdown menu.  If you would like a larger image to appear, choose the “Lightbox Image” option.



*Be sure to click “Update” throughout to save your work!



5) Copy and paste the gallery shortcode into the page where you would like the gallery text to appear or go to your page, select the “Add Gallery” option and a dropdown menu of your galleries will appear, choose the gallery you would like to use and it will be inserted into your page.