Staff Listings

The Staff Members tool allows you to easily create a staff listing that can easily be divided into groups and re-ordered as needed. Individual listings can include photos, bios and contact information including social media profiles.

From the Staff Members button in the dashboard, select Add New from the menu.

Adding a Staff Member

On the Add New page, the text box at the top is where you type the staff member’s name. Below that field is the Staff Photo box where you can upload a staff headshot by selecting “Set featured image.” This will open up the Media Library where you can either upload a new photo to use or select a photo previously uploaded to the library. Read more about using the Media Library.

Staff title text field and Staff Photo box

Staff Information

The Staff Member Info box allows you to include basic information about the staff person such as job title, contact information and social media links.

Not all of the fields are required, however, the featured image is strongly encouraged. Ideally, image dimensions should measure 300 x 300 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi.

Staff Info

Staff Bio and Excerpt

The Staff Bio field and Excerpt field work together. You can write a lengthy bio to show on a staff member’s individual page and then create a short excerpt which would show on a staff listing page.

Grouping and Ordering

The last section is for groups. This is under the Publishing Options section. There are pre-existing groups already. Choose the relevant group(s) for the staff member. This will be used in content organization and filtered searches. If the staff member belongs to a group that is not pre-existing, you may create a new group with the “Add New group” link at the bottom.

Creating the Staff Listing Page

Once you have your staff members entered, you can create pages to display a directory of all staff, a specific group of staff, or a listing of all staff by group.


From the Staff Members –> Order page, you will see a list of staff entries. Ordering them is as simple as drag-and-drop.

The Staff listing page

To create a page with your staff listing, first, add a new page and give it an appropriate title such as Staff Directory, Staff List, or Contact Us. In the page body area, you can add introductory text or subheadings as you need. You then add a small code in the spot where you want your staff list to begin.

If you want a list of all staff as you’ve ordered them, without groupings, you use this code: [simple-staff-list]

If you wish to list staff by groups, enter the group header and set it as Heading 2 or smaller. Then, on the next line add this code: [simple-staff-list group=”Group A”] where you replace “Group A” with the group name you have assigned. You can add more group headers and code below this as needed. You can read more options on shortcodes for staff listings under Staff Members –> Usage.

Staff list page use of shortcodes