In this section you will find resources for building your UIC Themed website, including header images at multiple sizes and the official UIC Color palette.

UIC Design Resources

Header Images

You can navigate to pages with stock Header Images as three sizes: 1000×400, 1000×300 and 1000×200 to use on your site.


The UIC Brand Resources website has web and print ready logos for most departments ready for download. If you can’t find your department logo, or if you department name has changed, send a request for a new logo to

Accessible design

UIC is committed to creating websites that are accessible to people with disabilities in compliance with applicable state and federal laws. We also know that accessible websites are better structured, easier to navigate, and available to people using assistive and other technologies, including tablets and cell phones, and to those with low-bandwidth connections. These benefits are universal.

Learn more about accessible design at UIC

WordPress Resources

Learn more about using WordPress with these websites