There’s been some listserv chatter regarding data backups lately, so I’d like to address those concerns as they relate to our WordPress network.

The short answer: yes, your data is being backed up automatically. You don’t have to do anything.

The long answer: As the Publish Wordpress network is hosted on a VM, a full system backup is performed nightly. In the (unlikely) event of a RAID failure, security breach, catastrophic weather event, or if Godzilla himself rampages through the campus and crushes the room in which our VM is housed, ACCC will have three weeks worth of backups from which to choose to restore our little network. This applies to all sites hosted on ACCC’s VM service, not just our WordPress network. If your department hosts with ACCC, you also have the same automated backup service performed early in the A.M. hours.

On a side note, we used to have a full backup plugin on our WP network, WP-DB-Backup. Unfortunately, while it was quite useful, it was abandoned by its author (last updated a year and a half ago) and  was vulnerable to a security exploit that recently came to light. As a matter of protocol, the plugin was removed from our network and will not return any time in the foreseeable future. ACCC’s three week backup archive satisfies our needs for now, so we aren’t actively seeking a replacement. If for whatever reason we do replace the plugin for manual full backup processing by site admins, it’ll be posted here.