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Whew! Migration complete

The multisite migration is finally complete. All test sites with “test” in the url are now located on the production server. If your test url was spock.publish.uic.edu, it’s now spock.publish.uic.edu. All users should be able to log in and edit sites now, but please let us know if you have login issues. Also, keep in mind all test sites are private and only viewable by that sites’s site admins, editors, authors, etc. These privacy restrictions will be lifted upon each site’s “go live” launch.

We apologize for the extended downtime. This migration was necessary, and the staging/production environment is more accommodating and stable because of it. Expect other aspects of operations to return to normal next week as we update our site request and launch procedures.

If you have any questions, please email us at publish@uic.edu.

Migration to continue into Friday

This is an update to last week’s announcement.

We are experiencing a processing delay with the scheduled site migration to the production server. The migration process is expected to continue into tomorrow, possibly into the afternoon.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you not edit your test site tomorrow. We’ll send notification once all sites have been moved to the new server.

UIC Publish Staff

Goodbye test server

What’s going on?

The test server at publish.uic.edu is going away. On the morning of Thursday, October 30, we will begin moving all test sites onto the production server at publish.uic.edu. When the move is over, all sites on the test server will be deactivated.

What do I have to do?

Nothing. We’re doing the heavy lifting. We ask that you not edit your site on Thursday, as any changes may be lost during the move.

How do I get to my test site after Thursday?

If your login link had “test” in it, remove the “test” part when you type it in.

OLD: https://awesome.publish.uic.edu/wp-admin/

NEW: https://awesome.publish.uic.edu/wp-admin/

And to view your site, you would go to http://awesome.publish.uic.edu/.

Will my test site still be private?

Yes. After Thursday, your test site will only be viewable by those who have an account on your site (site administrators, editors, authors, contributors, and subscribers). In addition, VPN software will no longer be required to log onto your site when not on campus.

Which test sites are you moving? All of them?

If your site has been launched and is public to the world, we will deactivate your old test site. If you need something from your old test site after Thursday, we can give you temporary access. If you’d like to have a permanent testing space, we can provide that too.

I forgot what site(s) I have an account on.

It’s okay. Just reply to this email and ask. We’ll send you the link(s).

I have to work on my website on Thursday. This is very inconvenient.

We sincerely apologize. The test server environment is no longer a sustainable option, so this move is something that must happen. We expect downtime to be minimal, though, and hope to have all of the test sites on the production server by the end of the day.

What will happen to my live site?

If you already launched your site, there’s nothing to worry about. The move only concerns test sites.

I have more questions not addressed here.

We hope this was informative, and we again apologize for the inconvenience. If this mini-FAQ doesn’t answer your questions, please contact us.