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Old theme removal

Our office will be decommissioning non UIC-branded themes from the Publish WordPress network. If your site uses a theme other than “UIC-Network 2013,” you should have received an email notification earlier this afternoon. Please reply to that email before July 17 so we can map out the migration process for your site.

For a majority of Publish sites and site admins, there will be no noticeable change in operations. We’re just culling old themes so we can focus support on the campus theme.

New theme for the new branding?

Yes, this is in the works. The new university logo system, colors, and branding guidelines require an entirely new theme for home, which is quite a task for a multisite like this. It will be based on the upcoming redesigned UIC homepage, but I can’t speak on a timeline. Details will be posted here once we have a concrete release date. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please use our form to contact us.

Using the new logo on Publish

Greetings, WordPress site admins and content editors. No doubt you’ve got some questions about how the new UIC logo applies to Publish.uic.edu WordPress sites. We have a solution that should answer your questions.

After some consideration, we have decided against retrofitting the UIC Network 2013 WordPress theme with the new UIC branding. As the new logo dimensions do not fit well in our header (it was designed by our vendor with the old horizontal logo in mind), we are pursuing an alternate route: a new network theme. This new theme (date TBA) will be created specifically to accommodate all aspects of the new university branding. When the new theme is made available, support for the 2013 theme will end.

Please note: the old 2013 theme will not be removed or disabled, at least not in the near future. We will, however, encourage all units with a web presence on Publish to make the change when the new theme is released. Our department will assist with that transition.

Using the new logo on the “old” theme

If you have a new department logo and wish to use it now, you are welcome to import it into your site header. If you do this, we recommend you try the horizontal version (here’s an example) since its height-to-width ratio is less intrusive. Please be aware that sub-units will be not be provided with the all-caps departmental logo; instead they will be given a type treatment slightly offset from the circle mark (here’s an example of that).

Logos and type treatments can be downloaded and/or requested at logos.uic.edu. Please direct all questions regarding logo usage to logo@uic.edu.

Thank you for reading, and please remember to bundle up before leaving the office. Current temp: -2º F.