User roles and permissions

This table shows all privileges available to site administrators and their users on the UIC Publish network.

Core capabilities
Activate plugins
Add users
Create users
Delete others pages
Delete others posts
Delete pages
Delete plugins
Delete posts
Delete private pages
Delete private posts
Delete published pages
Delete published posts
Delete themes
Delete users
Edit dashboard
Edit others pages
Edit others posts
Edit pages
Edit plugins
Edit posts
Edit private pages
Edit private posts
Edit published pages
Edit published posts
Edit theme options
Edit themes
Edit users
Install plugins
Install themes
List users
Manage categories
Manage links
Manage options
Moderate comments
Promote users
Publish pages
Publish posts
Read private pages
Read private posts
Remove users
Switch themes
Unfiltered upload
Update core
Update plugins
Update themes
Upload files
Custom capabilities
Delete event categories
Delete events
Delete locations
Delete others events
Delete others locations
Delete others recurring events
Delete recurring events
Edit event categories
Edit events
Edit locations
Edit others events
Edit others locations
Edit others recurring events
Edit recurring events
Gravityforms create form
Gravityforms delete entries
Gravityforms delete forms
Gravityforms edit entries
Gravityforms edit entry notes
Gravityforms edit forms
Gravityforms edit settings
Gravityforms export entries
Gravityforms preview forms
Gravityforms uninstall
Gravityforms view addons
Gravityforms view entries
Gravityforms view entry notes
Gravityforms view settings
Gravityforms view updates
Manage bookings
Manage others bookings
Move cms tree view page
Publish events
Publish locations
Publish recurring events
Read others locations
Read private events
Read private locations
Tablepress access about screen
Tablepress access options screen
Tablepress add tables
Tablepress copy tables
Tablepress delete tables
Tablepress edit options
Tablepress edit tables
Tablepress export tables
Tablepress import tables
Tablepress import tables wptr
Tablepress list tables
Upload event images