What is Publish?

Short answer: it’s a public web publishing tool for UIC campus units.

Long answer: Publish is a centrally-supported website development service provided by ACCC, the Office of Public and Government Affairs, and the ITGC-InfraSecWeb committee. Publish is built on a UIC-branded WordPress multisite network, hosted on campus, and provided at no cost to academic and administrative units at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


How does this work, exactly?

You request a site (using our site request form). We give you web space on our server.*

Your website’s url will be yoursite.publish.uic.edu. You’ll get a login link and an Administrator account, which will allow you configure and update your site as long as you sign in with your UIC netID. If you want to collaborate, you can allow others to edit your site if they have netIDs. As the site admin, you can control how much they can do by giving them roles such as “Editor” or “Writer.”

Please note that your initial publish.uic.edu site will be in test mode. While your site is in test mode, only you and people with accounts on your site will be able to see it.

When your site is built out and you’re ready to launch, fill out our site request form again. If your site conforms to the Publish Guidelines, we’ll make your site public and remove the “publish” part from the url.


* note: if you are not your department’s web administrator, you will need authorization to launch a live web site on our servers. If you just want sandbox space to play with WordPress, add a note to your request.