WP Basics


Wordpress Dashboard

When you log in to your WordPress site, you will be taken to the Dashboard Home. This administrative screen gives you basic information about your site content, storage space usage, and news about WordPress. It also has the menu for the tools you will use to manage your site and users, and build pages, posts and other content types.

My Sites

If you have access to other sites on the publish.uic.edu network, you will see a list of them on this page and can navigate to any site or dashboard.

Posts and Pages

Posts and Pages are the two basic content types used on WordPress. To help discern between the two, it’s best to think of posts as blog/news articles. This is the type of content you would use to add items to a news page.


Media is the library where you upload and manage images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use on your site.


If you choose to turn comments on for any section of your site, you can manage those comments here.

Appearance, Users, Tools & Settings

These items allow you to manage your site. Appearance includes Theme Options, Widgets and Menus. Users is where you can add, delete and define users and their roles with the site. Tools and Settings let you fine tune the details of your site.


The Plugins area is where you manage the various plugins used to provide feature enhancements to your site. Some of the plugins for the UIC Network 2013 theme are managed at the publish.uic.edu network level and are not configurable by site administrators.