Page Layout

When you are creating a page, in addition to creating the content for the main text area of the page, you can also control use of sidebars, footers, sliders and header images for each page individually.

UICNetwork Page Settings

The UICNetwork Page Settings box allows you to select sidebars, turn sliders for the header image area on or off, change visibility of the page title and select the footer for the page.


You can select here which sidebars, if any, you want to use on your page. The default settings set the Left Sidebar to Default SideBar and Right Sidebar to None.

If you have set your Global Navigation Menu as a Left Vertical Menu (in Appearance > Theme Options > Navbar Layout), your site will use the Default Sidebar to show that menu. You must leave all pages set to Left Sidebar — Default Sidebar or your Global Navigation will not show on pages that use other Left sidebars. You can add more items under the Global Navigation Menu by adding widgets to the Default Sidebar. (Read more about creating and editing sidebars.)


To use an image slider in the page header rather than a static image, select the appropriate slide category and turn Sliders On. (Read more about creating and managing slider categories.)

Page Title

You can choose to not show the Page Title for your page. Best practices are to show the page title so that the site visitor knows where he or she is on your site. However, you may wish to turn it off for some pages, such as the Home page.


You can use the standard UIC footer, titled Default Footer in the widgets area, or create a new Footer and select it for the page. You should still use the Footer Menu links in other footers to follow the Guidelines for the UIC theme and for consistent navigation for the visitor. (Read more about Footers.)

Featured Image

Setting a Featured Image for your page adds an image at the top of the content area on the page.

Page Header Image

If you want to use the default page header image you set in the Theme Options > Header Settings, you don’t need to change or set the Page Header Image on the page itself. However, if you want a different image for the page, you can set it here. Select “Set Page Header Image” which will allow you to select or upload an image.